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10 Crazy Things That Dog Owners Do

Crazy Dog Owner

We've all seen them around, and everyone knows at least one Crazy Dog Owner. While we might not understand some of the things they do, we can all agree that these dog owners take "doggy parenthood" very seriously!

Here are some crazy things that doggy parents do that still amaze me:

1. They miss their four legged friends so much they even video chat with them while they are away. I don't even video chat my friends!

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2. Most of my Halloween costumes are thought of last minute, but these doggy parents prepare ahead of time. Their baby's Halloween costumes are more elaborate than mine.


3. You can't miss how cute their baby is because you see it everywhere. Their dog is the background image on everything.

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4. You see them rolling down the streets in their doggy strollers. You may even confuse them with hooman babies.

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5. I have been invited to a couple doggy birthday parties. I was even asked to bring a gift!

6. I'm not sure where these people do their shopping, but they are able to color coordinate outfits with their dogs.

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7. Don't even try to change the channel! Their dogs have favorite TV shows.


8. Did you call shotgun? Too bad. That seat is taken by doggy booster seats.


9. I get one every year! They don't let a year pass by without printing holiday cards featuring their furry friends.

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10. They go as far as registering their dog as an emotional support or service dog so they can take them everywhere.


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