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11 Trending Dog Halloween Costumes for 2016

Crazy Dog Owner

Dog owners around the world have been preparing for the night of All Hallows Eve with scary and elaborate Halloween costumes for their dogs. The humans themselves may be costume-less, but that will not stop them from dressing and parading their furry babies around town.

Here is our predictions for this year's Most Trending Halloween Dog Costumes...

1. We will not be missing our Presidential Candidates.

Source: Instructables

Source: Pinterest


2. Winter is almost here and so are these adorable pups dressed as our favorite characters of GOT.

Source: myWebRoomBlog

3. Because Classics don't grow old, Star Wars fans will always have the Force on their side.

Source: RoleCosplay

4.The Walking Dead Michonne

Source: Costume Works

5. Our four legged friends can have a dark side too. Check out this little cutie dressed as Hannibal Lecter

Source: Pets Lady

6. It is almost certain that this Halloween you will run into a Thor or one of the other Avengers.

Source: Imgur


7. What is more trendy today than emojis? Your dogs will express how you feel!

Source: Imgur

8. You probably have been looking for them all over town. Make sure this Halloween you catch a couple Pokedogs.

Source: The Bouncy Mutt

9. Long live Prince. Homage to one of the greatest.

Source: Petful

10. Because there is nothing scarier than The Walking Dead, Zombies are here to stay.

Source: Costume Works

11. They should've remade the Ghostbusters movie with dogs! You still can this Halloween...

Ghostbuster Dog Costume

Source: Caters News Agency

What's your dog's Halloween costume this year? Send your pics to and we'll share them on our Instagram

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