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16 Crazy Things That Cat Owners Do

Crazy Cat Owner

Everyone knows at least one Crazy Cat Owner. You may even be one yourself! Let's find out. How many of these things are you guilty of doing? Here's our list of 16 Crazy Things That Cat Owners Do.

1) They throw their cats birthday parties. No-one even throws me birthday parties anymore!

A photo posted by Kara Concannon (@kara_kc) on

2) One of their cats has kittens and they can't stand to give any away. They end up with enough cats to recreate the musical!

A photo posted by Joe Whitbread (@joewhitbread) on

3) Their family decal stickers on the back of their car is of all of their cats. And they most likely have a few extra stickers lying around to be prepared for kittens.

4) They own a coffee mug that says world's best cat parent. Well, this one I'm okay with. It's a cool mug. ;)

5) They Skype video chat with their cat when they're away. I can't even get my parents to video chat!

A photo posted by Boston Nyer (@bostonnyers) on

6) Their phone's memory is at 100% capacity filled with photos and videos of their cats. Is it time to upgrade phones yet?

7) They give their cats birthday gifts even though their cats prefer the box. 

8) They buy a second iPad so their cat can play cat apps. 

A photo posted by Rockford (@mycatrajj) on

9) Their Tinder profile photo is of their cat. Swipe right for some tail!

10) Their kitty condo is a kitty mansion. I wonder how much the HOA fee is?

11) People borrow their ugly cat sweaters for parties. 

A photo posted by Tara (@tara_meador) on

12) They feed their cats a more gourmet diet than what they eat. Now that's fancy!

A photo posted by Abby Roe (@abbyroe) on

13) Their cats have more toys than you had as a kid. All I got was hand-me-down toys from my older brother and sister!

14) They pet their cats with their feet so they can do other things without neglecting their cats.

15) They hold their cat above their heads and sing, "It's the circle of life!" Alright, well, who hasn't done this at least once after the movie came out?

16) They send their friends and family holiday cards featuring their cat. You'll get one this year in the meow.

So there you have it. How many of these thing are YOU guilty of?

Share this post with your friends and let them know how big of a Crazy Cat Owner you are!

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