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18 Celebrities That Love Their Dogs as Much as You Do

Crazy Dog Owner

There's a fine line between really, really loving your dog and being a Crazy Dog Owner. Here are 18 celebrity dog owners who may need a Funtervention.

#1 - Instagram hottie Nick Bateman wears shirts with his dog Joey's face on them! Now that's dedicated love.

A photo posted by J O E Y (@joey__bateman) on

#2 - Pretty Little Liars actor Ian Harding takes selfies with his dog Moshi, even though he's "not a fan of the selfie".

A photo posted by Ian Harding. (@ianmharding) on

#3 - Lauren Conrad has the perfect carry-on whenever she travels.

#4 - Another Pretty Little Liars star makes the list too. Shay Mitchell has a very handsome date for any formal event.

A photo posted by Shay Mitchell (@shaym) on

#5 - Singer Ariana Grande comes home from tour with mountains of gifts for her furry love.

angel on earth 💜

A photo posted by Ariana Grande (@arianagrande) on

#6 - Lady Gaga takes her unique fashion style off-stage and dresses her pups in the bling bling!

A photo posted by Lady Gaga (@ladygaga) on

#7 - Overbearing pet mother Amanda Seyfried watches her furry baby take the wheel for the first time. They grow up too quickly!

A photo posted by Amanda Seyfried (@mingey) on

#8 - Got to steer clear of the PUParazzi! Denise Richards gets her furry superstar ready for a night on the town.

#9 - What's a wedding day without your best friends? Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi pose with their wedding party on their big day.

Ellen and Portia Wedding Day

Source: Warner Bros

#10 - Big Bang Theory babe Kaley Cuoco color coordinates outfits with her dog! "Who wore it better?" she wants to know.

A photo posted by @normancook on

#11 - Queen of the World Oprah Winfrey gets her family in the Christmas spirit.

A photo posted by Oprah (@oprah) on

#12 - Julianne Hough of Dancing with the Stars loves a good smooch on the lips from her pups.

A photo posted by Julianne Hough (@juleshough) on

#13 - TV personality Chelsea Handler registered her dog as a service animal so they could travel everywhere together!

#14 - Hilary Duff brings this little piggy home from market for her hungry baby.

A photo posted by Hilary Duff (@hilaryduff) on

#15 - Nothing like a boat ride on a beautiful day with Justin Bieber and his dog Esther, who "wins coolest dog award".

#16 - Here's one "proud momma" for "brushing his own teeth" says Demi Lovato.

A photo posted by Demi Lovato (@ddlovato) on

#17 - Katherine Heigl and her "3 beasts & a man" shot.

#18 - "Yup" she says. This is where Miley Cyrus sees herself in 5 years!

A photo posted by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on

These celebrity Crazy Dog Owners are hiding in plain sight, but they're not alone! If you know someone who loves their pets as much as these celebrities, they may need a Funtervention too.

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