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25 Dogs Who Are Addicted To Travel As Much As Their Parents

Crazy Dog Owner

Sometimes being a Crazy Dog Owner and taking your dog with you everywhere you go can be a good thing, especially when it involves traveling the world together. And as it turns out, they love to travel too. Here are 25 dogs who are addicted to travel as much as you are.ย 

Whiskey The Vizsla goes for a chilly ride in Lake Lovely but she doesn't mind the cold.

Emma explores the backcountry of Kamloops, B.C. prepared for anything with her Doggy Saddlebag

Exploring the backcountry #sunsouttonguesout #rufflifefofemma

A post shared by Emma Dog (@sticksnsniffs) on

"Pawddle" board anyone? Bella's down for a sunset adventure.

Theo went for a day hike through the Cairngorms Mountains in the eastern Highlands of Scotland.

Ain't no mountain high enough, to keep Sash from yooouuuu!

Excuse Gus Riggins while he kisses the sky!

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Kona slows down long enough to enjoy the view in Hawaii.

Mountain Pup using her human for a better view in the mountains of Colorado.

Mountain pup uses human for better view #Colorado #campingwithdogs #adventuredog #seatwithaview

A post shared by Emily (@roamingbiologist) on

Aspen just ran a 5k at the Fibark Whitewater Festival and got 2nd in her age group.

Charli says goodbye to Yosemite National Park after a grand adventure.

Chloe goes to the Grand Canyon. Good thing she's not afraid of heights!

Monkey rides shotgun with Sabrina on this moto ride through Mexico.

Van life isn't just for humans. Charlie gets down too.

Van naps

A post shared by Willin Rice (@vondervagon) on

Love to photograph your dog when you travel? Be proud of your photography!

Who doesn't enjoy a gondola ride through Venice Italy?

Guria, acorda e vai ~viver~ o sonho! ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น๐Ÿ€#naturallyloving

A post shared by Luiza Garmendia (@luizagarmendia) on

Could you ask for a happier road trip companion?

Enjoy the little things! ๐Ÿถ #PicOfTheDay #LabradorTime #Labradors #HappyDog #TravelDog

A post shared by Pirlo ๐Ÿถ (@doglab.pirlo) on

Kรคpt'n Blaubรคr finally got his dream bike and he doesn't even have to peddle!

Trixi's got nothing but time in Sun Valley.

Jax keeps it weird in Austin Texas!

Taking the midnight train to anywhere...


A post shared by M (@namariann_) on

Marley is ready to go, but are you???

Umm ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค” do they think I'm going to be carry these bags??

A post shared by Marley (@marleys_miles) on

Kiwi isn't even going to ask what the heck those are...

Letty Mape is like, "Come on guys, get in! It's not that cold..."

Is that our train?

Pool for an hour and then back to the tables at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas.


A post shared by Jarek & Jersey | (@playwith_life) on

Sam always gets a cart at the airport...

Did your dog call permanent shotgun? Your friends will understand...

Are you and your dog travel companions?

Tag us on your favorite pup travel photos on Instagram @funterventions and we'll feauture you in Part 2 of Dogs Who Are Addicted To Travel! And be sure to check out our full selection of Crazy Dog Owner products, the perfect gifts for dog lovers! Share this post with your travel friends who never leave home without their best friend. If you're on Pinterest, we've got a special Pinterest friendly graphic that you can use below.

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