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8 Dogs That Made Thanksgiving Dinner Extra Special

Crazy Dog Owner

Thanksgiving Dinner is a moment to bring families and friends together. Obviously this celebration also includes our furry babies. But sometimes they can't resist the temptation of the yummy foods around the house.

Here are eight dogs that couldn't help themselves when they saw their hooman´s feast!

1. The temptation this night is torture!

Source: Pinterest

2. No shame or regret for not waiting for the food to even get cooked.

 Source: Pinterest

3. The Holidays are a very exciting time of year. Our four legged friends know it, and can´t help wanting to be part of every step... even though they might get in the way.

Source: Pinterest

4. We are sure the cute puppy effect will make this easy on everyone.

Source: Pinterest

5. Everyone needed to know why the (least favorite dish of the night) yams mysteriously disappeared. He took one for the team if you ask me!

Source: Pinterest

6. Jail is little extreme, don't you think!? I´m sure the pie was worth it.

Source: Pinterest

7. I´m pretty sure he was trying to help with the dishes. 

Source: Pinerest

8. A midnight snack never hurt anybody, especially when there is so much left over.

Source: Pinterest 

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