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Can dogs and cats be vegan too?

Can dogs and cats be vegan? That's the question we were debating the other day with a vegan friend of ours, who's quite vocal on the subject of being vegan.

As hoomans, we all get to have our preferences and make our own life choices. But do we also get to decide this for our furry friends?

After a long discussion over a (vegan) dinner, courtesy of our friend, we had to put the debate to an end. So we did the one thing anyone would do in this situation... we asked Google. 

And it turns out... YES there are vegan dogs and cats. Should they be vegan though? That, we discovered, is up for debate.

In the case of cats, most specialists on the matter believe it’s really inappropriate for a cat to have a vegetarian diet since cats are carnivaroes and it goes against their physiology.  Plant based foods do not provide the nutrients cats require for a healthy and balanced diet.

For dogs, however, a vegan diet can be done more safely than cats, because they are omnivores. But the diet needs to be thought through carefully. 

The nutritional needs of dogs and cats can be met through a combination of a balanced vegan diet and special supplements that can be added to vegan recipes.

So yes, dogs and cats CAN be vegan. But the real question is... will they be as vocal about their vegan diet as their human counterparts?

Probably not, so we've taken care of that for them with the "My Dog Is Vegan Too" T-Shirt by Funterventions.


"My Dog is Vegan Too" T-shirt puts all your cards on the table in a funny, honest, and lighthearted way. Wear this shirt and you'll be sure to get a laugh from other vegans and other dog owners.

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