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Cats & Boxes

Crazy Cat Owner

There  is nothing our furry babies love more than BOXES. If you are looking for the purrrfect gift for your baby just fill out your home with empty boxes.

Cats love boxes for different reasons. There is no proven scientific explanation of why cats do the crazy things they do but here are a few ways of how they use their boxes.

The Ambush Box. You wont even see them coming...


But they are watching. 

A photo posted by Snow Yi (@snowy.i) on

The Safety Box. Cats won't let you hold them for a long time, but they actually love to feel cozy and safe in a small tight box. 

A photo posted by Atsushi (@sk8ats) on

I bought you a brand new bed (or anything) and you preferred the BOX.

A photo posted by tacila😼 (@tacila823) on

The hiding box. You will go crazy looking for your cat just to find them hiding in the most unexpected places... Check the boxes first.

A photo posted by Johanne Spittle (@jospittle) on

The Bed Box. It doesnt matter if you spent a small fortune on your cats bed, boxes seemed to be more comfortable.

A photo posted by ThelifeofLexie (@monpie1) on

The Playground Box or Boxes. All the money in the world couldn't buy the time you spend watching your cat play with boxes.


The Amazon Prime cat. Free shipping on cats over $49.


The cardboard box house.

A video posted by Macy (@fat_macy) on


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