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Do you Doga? Take a look at these Cute Yogi Pups

Crazy Dog Owner

Dog Yoga


What better way to practice your strength, breathing, flexibility, and balance than doing a little 'Doga' (aka: yoga for you and your dog)?

Check out these yogi dogs pulling off a few of your favorite yoga poses, along with some Doga benefits...

1. You both get to work on your flexibility


2. You get to Stretch and enjoy your best friend's company.

3. A little Discipline never killed anyone 


4. It's Fun!


5. No better way to relax.


6. It extends Hoooman and Doggy years.

A photo posted by Bex Hagan (@bexhagan) on


7. Great bonding experience.


8. Doga releases stress.

A photo posted by Rachel Kadish (@hipsygypsy23) on


9. You don't feel guilty leaving your baby alone while you go to yoga class.

A photo posted by lucynegrete (@lucynegrete) on

10. You can color coordinate workout outfits.


11. It keeps you Balanced.

A photo posted by Venessa_C (@vthequeen_b) on


So, do you doga?

If you love doing yoga with your dog as much as the next yogi, check out the Namastay T-shirt by Funterventions. Be sure to wear this shirt next time you practice yoga or go to the dog park. You're guaranteed to get a good laugh from other yogi dog owners.

And while you're here, be sure to check out some of our other fun products for dog lovers in our Crazy Dog Owner collection!


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