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Friendly Tips for the Perfect Christmas Pet Cards!

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Pet Related Christmas Cards

It is the most wonderful time of the year...

We are only 12 days away from Christmas and I am pretty sure you are way past choosing the perfect picture for this year's Christmas Card. By now you probably have received tons of them from your friends and family.

This time of year wouldn't be the same without our fluffy four legged friends, so it is only natural that they are part of our greetings to the world!

Here are some Christmas Card tips that will make next year´s picture selection easier.

1. If you forget to include your significant other in the Christmas Card, don't forget you can always Photoshop them as a floating head.

2. If you know that one of your babies will end up not being picture ready, just go with it. Make it part of the scene.


3. If you are a "do it yourself" kind of person... remember it's all about the wording!

4. Never forget to color coordinate with your loved ones and SMILE!

5. The difference between us and them is that no outfit is too ridiculous...They will always look adorable!

6. The more the merrier, of course... But don't forget that the more pictures you take at least one will be the chosen one.

7. Always make sure your furry babies are Santa friendly!


8. Be sure they know that it's all about them!

Have you received a funny holiday card with pets? E-mail them to for inclusion on next year's post. 

Be sure to share this post with your friends who can relate!

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