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Is there really a mayor dog of Cormorant Minnesota?

Crazy Dog Owner

I thought people who photograph their dog wearing sunglasses or celebrities who spoil their dogs were crazy enough, but the people of Cormorant, Minnesota take the term "crazy dog lover" to a new level.

According to news sources[1][2][3], Duke the dog, a nine-year-old Great Pyrenees, was just reelected for his third year-long term as mayor of Cormorant, a small Western Minnesota town of about 1,000 residents.

Duke the Mayor Dog

Apparently he won by a landslide victory due to his massive popularity in the town after his previous two terms in office. He was originally voted in by write-in. His political prowess has brought him much fame and notoriety since first elected. 

Duke the Mayor Dog on Steve Harvey

So to answer the question, "Is there really a mayor dog of Cormorant Minnesota?" - Apparently the answer is, YES! Although just an honorary title, Duke is one popular politician. Just in case you need more proof (like I did), here's the Associated Press piece on Duke from when he was first elected in 2014:

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