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Pet Gadgets only Crazy Pet Parents would buy!

Crazy Dog Owner

Money is not an issue when it comes to spoiling our furry babies. Crazy Pet Parents know that our four legged friends deserve the best.

The following gadgets are a must have for all you Crazy Dog Owners and Crazy Cat Owners out there.

The Petcube 

The Petcube is a Pet Monitor System that will allow pet owners to watch, talk and play with their furry babies through their smartphones. No more absentee pet owners!

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Believe or not now you can keep track of your dog's physical activity and behavior, and you can do it from your phone.

Doggie Treadmill

What better way to keep your dog in great shape than going for a jog? Now you can do it from the comfort of your home.

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The Dog Cooling Bed

Perfect for hot summer nights, this bed will keep your furry friend cool. If you are lucky they might share it with you.

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The Petnet helps you feed your four legged babies from anywhere in the world by the touch of a button. All you need is a smartphone.

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How about a gift FOR Crazy Pet Parents?

Funterventions - Crazy Dog Owner & Crazy Cat Owner Books

Check out Crazy Cat Owner and Crazy Dog Owner books by Funterventions. These books showcase the hilarious characteristics of dog and cat owners who take “pet parenthood” to a new (and sometimes crazy) level! The perfect gifts for your friends and family who absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their pets (maybe TOO much).

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