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Pets Expectation vs. Reality

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Pet Expectations vs Reality

It is human nature to have expectations in every aspect of our lives, from future jobs, relationships to new cars and especially when it comes to new members of our families.

When we add a new furry baby to our families, we create ideal scenarios of how everything is going to play, from the cutest outfits to how well behaved they will be. But in life usually things don't go as we planned them.

Here are a few examples of Expectations we have and the Realities we get...

1. One of the first things we get as soon as our four legged friends come into our lives are toys... For this reason we expect them to enjoy them and play with them to the fullest.


A photo posted by @dogsplayingwithtoys on


...but in reality our babies no matter how old they are would probably prefer your favorite pair of shoes.


May as well let her keep them...

A photo posted by Charlotte Enders (@charlie_jane88) on

2. We love them so much we want them to love us right back and show it. We all expect to have the purrrfect cuddling partner...

Koala cat jejeje #humphrey #quenomequitenamipapi #miomio #daddyscat #catsbeingloving #quinafauna

A photo posted by Silvia Thoreau (@silvia_thoreau) on


...which might happen for at 5 minutes, and then the reality is that you might need to have the Neosporin handy.


3. We want to spend every waking hour with our furry babies (at least I do), but we also want to spend our sleeping hours as well... and we expect for everyone to be comfortable in the process.

Source: Pinterest

...the reality is that only one of us can be comfortable.


4. We love them so much to us they are angelical in almost everything they do, and we expect them to even sleep angelically...

Source: Pinterest

...the reality is much different.

Source: Pinterest

5. We want to give them the best and we expect them to appreciate it...

... and the reality is that they are happy with carton boxes.

It's a cat in a box 📦 #rupertthebear #catboxes #beenonthereforhours #lovehimsomuch

A photo posted by Stephanie Lansdown (@stephaniepink1983) on


6. To us they are perfect in every way... We expect them to well behaved so we can proudly show them off..


...but in reality they are a hot mess we truly love.


7. When the words "bath time" come out of our mouths we expect our four legged friends to be willing jump in the bathtub in make our job easy...


...but in reality we find ourselves in a wet and messy battle field.

Muggsy bath time. #dogsofinstgram #dogbath

A photo posted by Jason Knox (@knox_ness_monster) on


8. We want the best for our babies including a proper and balanced diet. We expect them to enjoy the balanced meal we have carefully provided... reality they can eat anything out of the trash can.


A photo posted by Chelsea Paquette (@chelseapocket) on

 9. We pet lovers know the importance of companionship. And we expect our babies to get along and make each other company...

Hanging with my best buddy. #pets🐾,#catsanddogs, #bestoffriends,

A photo posted by David Jones (@thefriendlymarketer) on


...In reality we end up with a bullied dog :(


Can you relate to these expectations as a pet owner? If so, share this post and let people know what the realities are actually like.

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