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Photoshop Battles with Cats

Crazy Cat Owner

Remember our post Photoshop Battles with Dogs? Each week on Reddit an official battle is held where contestants start with the same picture, and the challenge is to create the best, funniest, or most creative image based on that picture. 

Last month we chose three great battles that included dogs, so we thought it'd be fitting to profile a few Photoshop Battles involving cats. First we post the original photo, and underneath is our favorite entries.

PsBattle #1: This Cat, Drinking From a Bird Bath

The original photo: 

He's got a full bowl of water inside, but prefers this one

The Forgotten One by u/Pitholaur

Speed Ticket by u/Klosetto

Sorry Movie Fans by u/marshy0

MGM cat

How About A Beer? by u/k0zmo

Peter Criss isn't the Only Cool Cat Now by u/cheesepusher

ME NEEDS IT by u/DrazV2

You gonna finish that? Can I haz? by u/PijiX

Tom and Jerry by u/Call3h

PsBattle #2: Guy took his cat to prom

The original photo:

PsBattle: Guy took his cat to the prom

Swap by u/myphotoshopaccount

It was adorable until it wasn't by u/InnererSchweinehund

It was a savage night

No-one's looking, do it! by u/zvoidx

Ima let you finish by u/Ima' let you finish...

Cat takes her guy to prom by anonymous

PsBattle #3: Happy Sprouting Cat

The original photo:

Shepherd girl millet by u/artunitinc

thought it was romaine for way too long by u/pokinfolks

You Only Live Nine Times by u/pinballmachindude

Fixed by u/tenebris_spiritus

Space Cat!! by u/XtaC_Ewok

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