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Photoshop Battles with Dogs

Crazy Dog Owner

Have you ever heard of a Photoshop Battle? Every week an official battle is held where each contestant starts with the same picture, and the challenge is to create the best, funniest, or most creative image based on that picture using photo manipulation tools like Adobe Photoshop. The battles are held on a popular subreddit r/photoshopbattles.

Since we're a bunch of Crazy Dog Owners over here at Funterventions, our favorite battles involve photos of dogs. Here are a few of the best Photoshop battles we've found involving dog photos. First we post the original photo, and underneath is our favorite entries.

PsBattle #1: Airport security dog with ski goggles and ear protection

The original photo: 


Obama's New Assistant by u/Doge_themenace

That's A Nice Jetski by u/scurvydog86

That's a nice Jetski

Ground Control to Major Doggo by u/hassankachal

Yuri Barkgarin — First woofer in space, 1961 by u/DrWankalot

Captain Ameri-Dog by u/RockyAlvarado

Captain Ameri-Dog

Sega Genesis by u/Elelegante101

Out Of My Way by u/domdomburg

Doginator by u/FuturePanda

PsBattle #2: This Trump dog costume

The original photo:

Trump Dog

"We're gonna build a wall, and we're gonna make them pay for it!" by u/DocNMarty

Doggo debate by u/Uchihaforever

no title by u/hanky1979

Debate This by u/SDbeachLove

Hair of the Dog by u/ninjawasp

You just saw Donald Trump dog. Check him out as a cat on the Make Cats Great Again T-shirt by Funterventions. 

Make Cats Great Again

PsBattle #3: Doggos Birthday

The original photo:

Doggie Birthdy Photoshop Battle

Hecken sad doggo doing noise maker by u/Ma_Revas_an

Doggo Party by u/zvoidx

The Great Dogsby by u/MrOberbitch

The great dogsby

Foul by u/Gamjawan

Doggo Wants To Forget by u/n00bhavoc

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