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What are Funterventions™?

Paul and GemaFunterventions™ are funny interventions for not-so-serious problems. We say the things you’ve always wanted to say in a funny, honest, and lighthearted way.

Our first two books are titled Crazy Dog Owner and Crazy Cat Owner. These books showcase the hilarious characteristics of pet owners who take “pet parenthood” to a new (and sometimes crazy) level!

Each Funterventions™ theme continues with a complementary line of novelty gifts and apparel. Our products make great gifts for your friends and family on birthdays, holidays, special occasions, or just because.

 About Us 

Our mission is to help our customers and their loved ones appreciate the humor in what makes each of us unique and special. We strive to inspire positive change and believe that messages are best delivered with a smile. :)

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Funterventions™ launched on Aug 1st 2016 with a Kickstarter campaign. The campaign is LIVE until the end of the month. You can back our campaign and get your copies of our first two books here:

We launched our new e-commerce website on Aug 25th 2016. Our first two books Crazy Dog Owner and Crazy Cat Owner will be available for sale on our website after our Kickstarter ends on Aug 31st. 

On Aug 29th 2016, we started our affiliate program so we can partner with other folks interested in promoting our brand. Check that link if you're interested in joining.

Who are we?

GemaGema is kind, compassionate, loving, and always ready to lend a helping hand to her friends and family. She’s also a self-proclaimed Crazy Dog Owner who’s guilty of giving her dogs birthday parties, photographing her dogs in sunglasses, and dressing her dogs in costumes on Halloween!

Gema co-authors the Funterventions™ books, creates the illustrations, manages the finances, and publishes our social media accounts (among many other things).

Gema was born and raised in Managua, Nicaragua. She has worked in the private sector of finance management for the past decade. Funterventions™ is Gema’s first creative entrepreneurial endeavor, and she is excited and ready to launch a fun and unique product line.

PaulPaul is adventurous, creative, sarcastic, and has gotten away his whole life with saying outlandish things with a smile on his face. Paul’s also a Crazy Cat Owner who’s been guilty of having long conversations with his cat, giving his cat more toys than he had as a kid, and creating music videos starring his cat!

Paul co-authors the Funterventions™ books, develops the website and online presence, and spearheads our marketing and sales (plus regularly gives Gema a hard time when she’s trying to work).

Paul was born in Miami Beach, FL and raised in Asheville, NC. He started his first Internet business in college and has since worked with Internet technology, building and developing websites and online businesses. Paul’s entrepreneurial experience and technical background has allowed him and Gema to bootstrap their business launch by doing much of the online development and product creation in-house.

What's next?

Our goal is to create a Funtervention™ theme for every unique type of person in our lives. We chose to start with two people we're all familiar with - Crazy Dog Owner and Crazy Cat Owner - because those things hit close to home for us. 

Take a look at our current lineup of products for sale and let us know what you think!

Thank you for being here. 



PS: Be sure to check out our political satire t-shirts and get yours in time to wear before the November election!