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Ugly Cat T-Shirt


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I once knew a stray cat named Melvin. He was a funny looking cat by anyone’s standards. Ears different sizes that pointed in opposite directions. A crooked smile almost as if he was smirking at you. His right eye bigger than the left and slightly raised higher than the other as if he was always thinking hard about something.

By definition, Melvin was one ugly cat. If Instagram had existed at the time, I doubt he’d have a profile with very many followers. No-one in my apartment building ever paid him much attention. Even the other neighborhood cats seemed to ignore Melvin.

But I always enjoyed Melvin. A confident loner, content in his ways, Melvin had a bashful charm about him that you couldn’t help but love if you got to know him. Sometimes I’d wait for the other cats to wander off before I’d put out a special treat on the sidewalk just for him. I’m pretty sure he would purposely wait for the other cats to leave, knowing that something tasty was coming, but I’ll never know for sure.

Remember when you found beautify in the unconventional? If you can relate, then we know you’ll love the Ugly Cat T-shirt by Funterventions, dedicated to Melvin.

Ugly Cat T-Shirt is super soft, made from 100% high quality combed ringspun cotton. This shirt is as comfortable as it is adorable.

Colors: Asphalt Grey, Baby Blue, Olive Green, Lemon Yellow, Heather Grey, Pink

Sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL

Styles: Mens, Ladies, Youth

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