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Dude Where’s My Cat T-Shirt


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Once I searched for hours and hours for my cat Bak Bak (yes, that’s her real name). She had been missing all afternoon. By evening I became frantic. “Bak Bak? Bak Bak? Where are you?” My cat’s life flashed in front of my eyes. Oh wait. There she is! Just having woke up from a long cat nap in my laundry basket, the one place I hadn’t looked, Bak Bak nonchalantly strolled into the living room unfazed by my immediate relief.

How many times have you looked for hours for your cat and became worried sick, only to find that he or she was hiding in plain sight? If you can relate, then we know you’ll love this shirt.

Dude Where’s My Cat T-Shirt shares the emotional journey of any cat owner who hasn’t been able to find their cat for hours. Wear this shirt proudly and you’ll be sure to get a laugh from other cat owners who can relate. It’s the perfect complement to Crazy Cat Owner Book.

Know someone who’s been in this situation? Then you’ve found the purr-fect gift!

Colors: Asphalt Grey, White, Baby Blue, Red, Kelly Green, Olive Green, Lemon Yellow, Heather Grey, Purple

Sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL

Styles: Mens, Ladies, Youth

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